Stempels Unmounted



Welkom in de wereld van Magnolia stempels. We hebben ongeveer 1,000 verschillende stempels van Magnolia op voorraad en hebben deze stempels ingedeeld in collectie zoals Magnolia die heeft uitgebracht.


 WFC14 Waiting For Christmas 2014

 PL14 Pink Lemonade collection 2014

 AY14 Animals of the Year collection 2014

 Zodiac 2014

 Lost and Found collection 2014

 Little Circus Moscow 2013

 WW13 Winter Wonderland Collection 2013

 LL13 Little London 2013

 SB13 Sea Breeze collection2013

 Special Moments Collection 2013

 Once Upon a Time Collection 2013

 LE12 Little Easter Collection 2013

 With Love Collection 2013

 Nativity Collection 2012

 CS12 A Christmas Story 2012

 Australian Collectie 12

 LC12 Little Christmas 2012

 TL12 Turning Leaves

 SM12 Summer Memories Collection 2012

 PP12 Princes and Princesses Collection 2012

 SCL12 Sweet Crazy Love

 SCD11 Sweet Christmas Dreams 2011

 WT11 The Winner Takes it All Collection 2011

 SR11 Sweet Rainbow Collection 2011

 BD11 Butterfly Dreams Collection 2011

 YS11 You are so Special Collection 2011

 Magnolia Accessoire stempels

 BV10 Bon Voyage Collection 2010

 CF10 Cozy Family Autumn Stamp Collection 2010

 FT10 Fairytale Collection 2010

 HE10 Happy Easter collection 2010

 MC10 Merry Little Christmas Collection 2010

 RC10 Raicing the Ceiling & Right through my heart

 WC10 Wedding Collection 2010

 AY09 A Little Yummy for your Tummy Collection 2009

 CC09 Chasing Butterflies Collection 2009

 EC09 Easter Collection 2009

 GL09 Good Luck Collection 2009

 GS09 Graduate and Student Collection 2009

 HW09 Halloween Collection 2009

 JM09 So Snowy, So Jolly & Under the Mistletoe Coll

 LC09 Love Collection 2009

 LZ09 Lazy Summer Collection 2009

 PA09 Pets and Animal Collection 2009

 VA09 Valentine Collection 2009

 HV08 Holliday Collection 2008

 JJ08 Jingle Jangle Collection 2008

 LU08 Lucia Collection 2008

 ML08 Magnolia end Lilac's Summer 2008

 NY08 New Year Collection 2008

 PK08 Pink Ribbon Collection 2008

 SEA08 Summer end Sea Collection 2008

 SH08 So Heavenly and School Collection 2008

 SO08 Shabby Chique

 SP08 Spring Collection 2008

 SS08 Party & Vacation Collection 2008

 TO08 Santa Collection @008

 TR08 Travel Collection 2008

 VA08 Spring & Summer 2008

 CH07 Winter & Christmas Supplement 2007

 HO07 Fall Collection 2007

 JU07 Jubilee 0707 Collection

 JUL07 Winter / Christmas stamps 2007

 SO07 New Summer Supplement 2007

 SP07 Spring 2007 Valentine and Congratulations



 Diverse collecties uit 2006 en 2005